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Our measure of success and our promise to you.

Pillar One

Provide trustworthy information on youth violence for parents and carers, involving them in the process. We aim to be the foremost authority in understanding and combating youth violence in London.

Pillar Two

Campaign and provide for teachers and other frontline professionals to be appropriately trained so that they are effective in recognising and responding to signs of at-risk children and youth violence in a culturally appropriate way.

Pillar Three

Signpost at-risk youth away from harm’s way. We support parents and carers, but we also ensure at-risk youth are directed to our partner organisations for more tailored support.

Join our forum where parents can connect 24/7 to chat, share, and learn together.

Find a community of like-minded parents, carers, and family members who understand what you’re going through and can share their experiences.

Book a Face 2 Face Consultation

Family consultations and counseling for at-risk youth. Whether your concern is mental health, safety, or another issue, we provide individualised support through our trained JAGS counsellors and our partner organisations.

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Join our Community Workshops

We run regular workshops for parents and carers of at-risk youth so that you can understand the immediate issues that are impacting our children and what support is available to them.


Stand with us and help build a safer world.

You can choose to make a one-off or monthly donation to fund our vital work combating youth violence. Your donations fund our online resources pages, our family forum, our face-to-face consultations, and our community workshops.

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